The Woape Foundation

Let’s put

an end to poverty

through education.


for children


those in need


the earth

When you donate to The Woape Foundation, you know that your money is going directly to help Native American Children. The Woape Foundation Corporation’s employees and Board members receive NO Compensation, and we attempt to fundraise using nothing but manpower. Our Woyute Campaign has been praised for it’s creativeness and ability to solve many problems at once, and has been described as a program that not only “helps those in need, but helps those in need help others.” Our goal is to not only make the lives of individual children better, but to help a whole generation, and that help starts with you, so Donate Today!!!

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For Justice

Let's make a difference!

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Our Mission

Our projects range from the educational to those which feed the impoverished on the reservation, all the while doing so in a way which respects our precious Earth.

Our Mission is "To come to the aid of Native American Children who are pursuing a brighter future for themselves and for their Nation."

Service is temporary; Justice is forever. Join our team in making a just society for those on the reservation.

Locals for justice.


The Woape Foundation recently held a fundraiser for the Woyute Campaign in Rockville, MD. Farmers from the local farmer's market and local businesses donated produce and food for a front-porch stand. All the proceeds went towards the Woyute Campaign, and we had many visitors. This was our second annual porch fundraiser.

First Greenhouse Up and Running!

Recent Events

  • Humanitarian support for Reservation
  • Feeding children & families
  • Supporting educational programs
  • Providing means to aid

Hope in Action

  • Raising awareness 
  • Advocacy
  • Justice in line with Native American traditions
  • Construction of Greenhouses